Okay, so I cut up the VS card…

(text to Vida) Hey V ~Okay, so I cut up the Victoria’s Secret card. Every time I max it out, they just raise the limit. Sick bastards

Okay, so I have a shopping problem. Well, it isn’t a problem for me but my husband… maybe a little more. I say “Carpe Ann Taylor!” He says, “How did we get overdrawn, I haven’t even mailed off the bills yet?”

Anyway, so I am talking to Vida and she says, “Why don’t you just cut them up?” and I think, “What is WRONG with this woman?” Then I remember, Vida is the sensible one. It’s funny, she used to be the artistic one. Now that’s Shel. Odd how we rotated. Well, they rotated. Come to think of it I was always the smart one. Which is wierd since both of my sisters are considerably better educated and more successful. Hmm. Still, always wanted to be the pretty one. THAT’s never going to happen.

Point is I looked at my checkbook, (ouch ), looked at my income vs outgo and realized that a) that configuration goes completely against all laws of physics and b) if I want to go to Spain next year I had better stop spending and start saving.

So I got out the VS card, sighed deeply and began to cut. Right after I got done ordering three really cute dresses, two pairs of shoes, a bra and panty set and a lingerie bag.

Hey, small steps right?

~ by D.L. Graves on February 19, 2009.

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