Sitting Crooked in the Saddle

To:; Hey, sis. Sorry it’s been so long. Been a crazy month. I know, I suck at communication, which is completely ironic since I am, duh, a COMMUNICATION major!

Okay, so it’s been a while since I blogged. I know, I suck. But in my defense it has been a rotten couple of weeks. Started out, I got strep throat. From a skank at school who didn’t bother to tell anyone she was sick until AFTER she had been on antibiotics for two days. Meaning the threat to her had passed. As had her classmates opportunity to avoid her.

Fast forward a week. I am finally back at work but still not fully functional. I am not, however, contagious. During that period, I – ahem – hint hint – STAYED HOME. So there we are, me and my compromised immune system, when what should straggle into the office? Bronchitis in the form of the wench in the next cubicle.

Yep, caught that too. Now you are talking to a girl who can only seem to catch a Frisbee with her face (and I have the crooked nose to prove it) but let a bug come within five hundred miles and suddenly I am Jose Conseco, catching everything that even thinks of coming my way.

So another week off work, now out of sick time. On the upshot I did burn through several books, some great (The Sex Lives of Cannibals; Adrift on the Equatorial Pacific) and some not (Catching Stars something something. Even the title is forgettable ) and finally caught up on my DVD watching. Vicki Cristina Barcelona? Quite possibly the sexiest movie ever. Also, one to not let my husband see until after I return from my school trip to Spain next year.

Oh, and I somehow managed to gain five pounds (WTF – I couldn’t swallow much less eat – not fair), completely avoid any form of housework, fall woefully behind on my Spanish and obviously, my blogging.

So, some random thoughts to get the old typing juices flowing…..

News item: 500 prostitutes have been murder at truck stops in the last 30 years. Yes, you read that right. 500. How in the hell is this just now making the news? The authorities have arrested ten truck drivers in association with the murders. I understand that murders on the fringe of society do not make news. Mr and Mrs Joe Q Social don’t care some hooker met her doom on dark road. Even if that hooker may have been the daughter that ran away five years ago. But good god, five hundred? Despite some rotten times, (good times rarely lead a women down the perilous path of self-destruction known as “the world’s oldest profession”) these women were some one’s sister, daughter, friend, mother. And they are gone. Blinking out of existence like an an aged firefly. Take notice they are gone. Give them at least that.

On the local front, a homeless man kept all of his world possessions in a duffel bag; which he left outside a women’s clinic for what he thought would be safe keeping, while he went to a local hospital for treatment. Someone saw the bag, thought “BOMB!” and the next thing you know his life has been detonated on a city street in south Jackson. To the best of my knowledge no fund has been established to help him replace what he lost.

My sisters both hit the road for Easter weekend; Vida to Cali to spend time with her kids and grandkids, an Easter tradition. Shel to Mexico with mom and aunt Kale for a much deserved vacation. Me? Stayed home and raided the kid’s Easter basket.

While brushing my teeth I had an epiphany: Hookers and Debutantes? Much in common. Big hair. Seriously overdressed. Life revolves around balls. Hmmmmm.

President Obama? Still rocks.

Anderson Cooper? Still hot.

Why hasn’t Mayor Melton been impeached?

Why can’t I grasp Spanish? I love the language, the culture, the music, the art.

What will I be if I ever grow up?

Why am I still getting calls for some guy named Earl when we’ve had this number for ten years?

Could it be I have had to much caffeine?


Is my Photoshop shot cool or what?

How is it possible the fifty year old clerk at Borders actually thought Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were from Pelahatchie?

And that’s all I got.

Okay, so not my best blog ever but sometimes you have to jump up on that horse even if you land crooked just to get your ass readjusted to the saddle…….

~ by D.L. Graves on April 11, 2009.

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  1. Ya gotta Shank those Skanks

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