Deep Thinking and Krispy Kreme

From: Aim for the Moon, Graves, and if you don’t get there, grab a star on the way by. ~ Avalon

That is a note I got from my Brit Lit professor. If I could, I’d stitch it on a pillow. What he is referring to is an email exchange we had wherein I told him he had inspired me to expand my reading horizon. I have always been a reader, my earliest memories are being curled up on my grandfather’s sofa, reading.

So, after listening to his lectures on Jung vs Blake I truly was inspired. And curious. So I lit out for the school library that very night and picked up Jung’s Seminar on Nietzsche’s Zarathustra, Eudora Welty’s A Ponder Heart, Proust’s Reclaiming the Past and Mongrels, bastards, orphans, and vagabonds : Mexican immigration and the future of race in America by Gregory Rodriguez. Just a little light reading.

As far as Welty goes, I am seriously underwhelmed. I just don’t get it. Jung on the other hand.. now that is a mind meld. The concepts, the insight, the inner-conflict between mind and soul, self love and self hate. I was enthralled.

Then, the oddest things began to grab my attention. A woman next to me in traffic eating Krispy Kreme donuts holding the box right under her chin as if they were dripping with sauce. Standing on line at the post office bookended by two women in “Southern Belle” T-shirts while I was resplendent head to Sketchers in Cali wear; Long Beach t-shirt; Hollywood shoes.

I couldn’t help feeling these slices of life meant something but I could never quite place what. Was it my refusal to “blend” no matter where I am? Was it my constant struggle with self control and complete lack of tolerance for delayed gratification? ALL OF THIS MUST MEAN SOMETHING!?!?!

I shrugged my shoulders and moved on. Whatever it means is lost to me. Maybe I’ll try my hand at a sonnet.

~ by D.L. Graves on July 20, 2009.

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