What I Did on My Summer Vacation: The Prequel.

An adventure may be worn as a muddy spot or it may be worn as a proud  insignia. It is the woman wearing it who makes it the one thing or the  other.  ~ Norma Shearer

So, I have decided not to go to law school.  As it got closer and closer I realized that I just don’t have the dream any more.  Or, if I do, it is not strong enough to make the sacrifices necessary to bring it to fruition.  I love the law. I am fascinated by the intricacies.  But.

Let me tell you, when you are talking about thousands upon thousands of dollars and at least three years with no sleep and no time with loved ones there had better not be any “if”, “ands” nor “buts” about it.

So, a much less lofty goal is now on the horizon.  I want to do a chin up.  Just one.  Well, one to start anyway.  My entire life I have lacked the upper body strength to do even one chin up, (the flexed arm hang in junior high? Major loser stamp.)  In addition, I promise myself to journal regularly, hang out with friends and family and love my grand-baby until she is the most obnoxiously confident child on the planet.

These are the things I plan to do this summer:

  • Audition at Black Rose.
  • Hand-make a quilt for Shiloh
  • Take a road trip
  • Write at least one letter a week the old-fashioned way with pen, paper, stamp.
  • Take yoga.
  • Pull out my old Spanish 101 book and do the all of excercises over again.
  • Meditate.
  • Spend more time with God.
  • Relax.

That’s what I’m doing.  What about you?

~ by D.L. Graves on June 2, 2011.

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